Queensland's small country towns reek of pioneering European history. Sadly much of it has been lost.
The people of Port Douglas deserve congratulations for preserving the history of their fascinating little seaside town. They didn't quite move mountains but they did move three buildings, which is no insignificant feat, and amongst many projects produced an award winning historical walk to share with, not only visitors but with future generations.
In a short time print on paper will all but vanish and history will be recorded in different ways. This digital record will initially compliment the printed brochure but don't be surprised if it supercedes it altogether in a few short years. 

Chris Dahlberg 2009


The secretary of the Douglas Shire Historical  Society  would like me to credit the society for all their voluntary research work in publishing the brochure and erecting the Historic Walk posts. Actually the posts were paid for by sponsors and the signs were erected by council